Today’s consumers are more demanding — and more discerning — than ever before. Only now they tend to direct their buying power from new experiences, which they then share on social media. This transition from an essentially material world to one that is more experiential in nature is being embraced by millennials and Gen Xers alike. According to a recent HSBC study in the United States, consumer spending on travel, restaurants and leisure has risen over the past decade and now accounts for 20% of the average household’s total spending.

It is a trend that is rooted in the formidable potential of technology to heighten the present moment and to seep into every aspect of daily life. Whether these experiences are culinary-, travel- or wellness-related, we are seeing a fundamental shift in consumer values, where quality and authenticity win out over everything else.

Also of critical importance at this juncture are personalized interactions and tailor-made offers that deliver experiences that resonate at an individual level. Consumers are increasingly curious about alternatives available through the sharing economy and ready to give up the luxuries of home ownership and high-end vehicles in exchange for greater freedom and a better quality of life.

To keep pace with the needs of current and future generations, Ivanhoé Cambridge designs its proprieties to be living spaces, where every effort is made to create memorable moments that are constantly renewed. It is a vision that is both ambitious and inspiring, and one that the Company draws on to diversify its areas of expertise far beyond the realm of traditional real estate.

Elevating the urban experience in downtown Montreal

Montreal is known the world over for its creativity and zest for life. Ivanhoé Cambridge is proud to contribute to the vigour of the city it calls home with Projet Nouveau Centre, an investment plan of over $1 billion designed to re-energize the lives of the area’s occupants (residents, merchants, workers and visitors alike) and reclaim downtown Montreal’s vital role at the heart of city life.

The focal point of Projet Nouveau Centre is Place Ville Marie, whose Esplanade will be transformed into a dynamic urban gathering place. The property also boasts Au Sommet Place Ville Marie, which continues to win over visitors with its observation deck, restaurant and multipurpose rooms. Then there are the Montreal Eaton Centre, which will redefine the downtown shopping experience; Maison Manuvie, which introduced a new standard in efficiency for office buildings in 2017; and the newly reopened Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, which has become the city’s not-to-be-missed business destination.

The revitalization of the Montreal Eaton Centre will redefine the downtown shopping experience.


Projet Nouveau Centre: Four major projects

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth


Hotel and business centre

Reopened July 2017

Maison Manuvie


Next-generation office space

November 2017

Place Ville Marie


New urban experiences Place Ville Marie Esplanade

Delivery planned for 2019

Montreal Eaton Centre


Renewed shopping and urban experience

Delivery planned for 2020

Grand openings

A new look for a grand hotel

Since, its reopening, Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth has become a first-rate destination for business professionals in Montreal and from around the world. Among the business-friendly amenities are Espace C2, the 21st-floor event venue, and the CoLab 3 business campus, a set of accessible multipurpose meeting spaces with an emphasis on creativity, collaboration and innovation.

Tapping into the foodie trend, the designers of Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth incorporated a gourmet component into the remodelling project to delight the taste buds and awaken the senses. Besides Rosélys Restaurant, Nacarat Bar and Krema Café, this offering includes Marché Artisans, the first hotel-based urban market in Canada.

Ivanhoé Cambridge is proud to bring this new, diversified and palate-pleasing experience to the Montreal community.

Marché Artisans, at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, offers fresh seasonal products, takeaway foods and a unique dining experience.

The Outlet Collection concept comes to Manitoba

A large crowd lined up for the opening of Outlet Collection Winnipeg on May 3, 2017. The new centre offers an outlet shopping experience in a fully enclosed mall, with approximately 100 popular retailers, 30 of which are new to the Manitoba market. This is the latest addition to the Outlet Collection family, originally developed by Ivanhoé Cambridge to reach consumers’ expectations with exciting new experiences.

Hundreds of people lined up for the opening of Outlet Collection Winnipeg on May 3, 2017.

Details make all the difference

Ivanhoé Cambridge is constantly exploring new ideas to offer consumers a renewed experience every time they visit its shopping centres. It therefore takes advantage of every available opportunity to enhance its retail offering.

Calling all foodies

Food and gourmet dining are highlights of the shopping experience at Ivanhoé Cambridge. Case in point: Outlet Collection at Niagara, where an outdoor space known as “Curbside” was set up for summer 2017, complete with picnic tables and pop-up restaurants showcasing the talents of young local chefs. This is one of the many original initiatives that the Company has put in place to build community ties and deliver fresh new experiences to consumers.

Outlet Collection at Niagara, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada

A better parking solution

In line with its commitment to provide a renewed shopping experience at every visit, Ivanhoé Cambridge set out to improve the parking facilities at Place Ste-Foy, located on Laurier Boulevard, one of Quebec City’s most competitive retail hubs. The two new structures are equipped with digital sensors to indicate to motorists how many stalls are free. The elevators and crosswalks are clearly indicated for increased user safety. And the infrastructure and walkways linked to the shopping centre facilitate pedestrian access, with music from the centre enhancing the feeling of connection.

Big-name brands, big impacts

In 2017, some 50 international brands made their Canadian market debut, compared with 21 in 2016 and 28 in 2015 (Retail Insider). Several of these highly popular destinations chose to set up shop in an Ivanhoé Cambridge shopping centre.

Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH is one of these brands, debuting its first Quebec store at Place Ste-Foy during the year. The luxury off-price retailer now has locations in six Canadian shopping centres. In addition, Japanese banners Uniqlo and MUJI opened at Metropolis at Metrotown in Greater Vancouver. The year also saw the opening of five stores from Birks, the celebrated Canadian jeweller that opened in Montreal in 1879.

The presence of these pre-eminent retailers enhances the overall experience in the Company’s shopping centres and paves the way for innovative initiatives in experiential marketing.

Uniqlo is one of the trendy new brands to debut at an Ivanhoé Cambridge shopping centre in 2017.


Aiming higher

Our consumers and tenants find in our properties modern amenities and seamless services that create appealing environments where they can live, work and play. Gone are the days of paying your rent by cheque and not being connected to your community. Today, it is vital to deliver experiences and convenience to our tenants, all the while being socially responsible to our constituents, the environment and the cities we help reshape.

Ezio Sicurella

Executive Vice President, Residential, Hotels and Real Estate Investment Funds

Ezio Sicurella

Executive Vice President, Residential, Hotels and Real Estate Investment Funds

Ezio Sicurella is responsible for all activities of Ivanhoé Cambridge’s residential business unit as well as for its hotels and real estate investment funds.

The residential portfolio comprises mainly properties in Quebec, California, New York City and London. Mr. Sicurella also oversees implementation of the strategic directions for the Company’s hotel portfolio and its investments in real estate funds.

Since 2002, Mr. Sicurella has been investing in real estate internationally for the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. He has been responsible since 2011 for strategic investments and partnerships for Ivanhoé Cambridge’s multiresidential strategy in major cities within the United States, Canada and London (UK).

Previously, he was Vice President, Financial Advisory Services, at Deloitte & Touche and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Finance and Accounting from McGill University. He holds the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant.

The new CoLab 3 business campus at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth features a set of accessible multipurpose meeting spaces.

Creating living spaces is a huge undertaking, and one that does not stop once construction work is done. It is important to constantly remain on the leading edge of trends in consumption, marketing, technology and entertainment.

Ivanhoé Cambridge already harnesses the power of digital tools to develop new services and offer personalized experiences to the users of its properties. The teams in its shopping centres are adept at event and experiential marketing, which the Company is now taking to the next level to roll out in its other properties.

The expertise of the various teams at Ivanhoé Cambridge in all of the sectors it serves is pooled to generate and give shape to new ideas so as to create living spaces where people can enjoy experiences that are inspiring, engaging, uplifting and entertaining.